Tuesday, June 29, 2021


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Close up of William // Drag Queens photographed by Martin Schoeller @Projekt 105 Gallery

An often misunderstood--though uniquely transitory--celebration of self-expression, drag culture has emerged from the shadows and become a revolutionized public performance art. Rounding out the last stretch of Pride Month, Martin Schoeller's Drag Queens at Projekt 105 Gallery in Tribeca showcases a palette of piquant portraiture featuring better and lesser known personalities. Having opened June 23rd, the exhibit is a work-in-progress and will run until September. Keep reading for a look inside...

[L] Hungry (2019) // [R] All subjects 

Set in the former Nobu Next Door space at 105 Hudson. St., close ups of Latrice Royale, Aquaria, Utica Queen and Sabrina Laurence are just a few familiar (drag) faces adorning the walls of Projekt 105. Neighbors and newcomers alike can enjoy the distinct photographic style of Martin Schoeller...and maybe a light bite or cocktail at a neighborhood haunt afterwards! If you visit, peek behind the curtain at the light installation in the back-- simple, but worthy of that "Aha" moment.

A Closer look

[L] Katya Zamolodchikova // [R] Famine the Supermodel

[L] Laganja Estranja (2019) // [R] Sabrina Laurence (2019)

Aquaria (2019)

Framed portraits

Serena Chacha (2019)

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