Monday, April 26, 2021


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Entry of the 3rd floor exhibit of Hassan Hajjaj's VOGUE, The Arab Issue @Fotografiska NYC

Drawing inspiration from Vogue (think "September Issue"), Hassan Hajjaj assembles "Vogue: The Arab Issue" playing on both the definition of "issue" given the political environment of the Middle East and the seasonal masterpieces published by the world's premier fashion magazine. With no shortage of polka dots, candy-colored coverings and standout pattern-on-pattern, Hajjaj's retrospective at Fotografiska complements his concurrent show at Yossi Milo Gallery. Keep reading for a look inside...

Hajibs and Hand painted portraits: [L] Blue Camo Veil (HPP) (2000) // [R] Malicious Look (2000)

A tight edit of works, Vogue, The Arab Issue covers five series developed over three decades-- Hajibs and Handpainted Portraits, Designer Hajibs, Legs Series, Vogue, The Arab Issue Series and Kesh Angels. Frustrated with the idea that photographers and designers were using Morocco merely as a "prop," Hajjaj decides to shoot his own editorial photography. He mingles "vogue-ish" luxury fashion with local people, culture and tradition. The result is a fascinating presentation of captivating colors and bold branding, merged with local faces and curated culture. Bringing a bit of Marrakesh to NYC, the artist invites guests to pause for a moment on stools fashioned from Coca-Cola crates topped with Louis Vuitton cushions (throughout the exhibit and even in the elevator!).

Viewing Room for Hajjaj's video Naabz with Coca-Cola crates and Louis Vuitton seat cushions

Unlike the equally stunning exhibition My Rockstars at the brightly lit Yossi Milo Gallery, Vogue, The Arab Issue is set in shadows, with color-filled content making an unmissable visual impact. Visit the exhibit on third floor of Fotografiska NYC until November 7th. 

"I wanted to show the world what I saw of the country and its people--the energy, the attitude; the inventiveness and glamour of street fashion; the fantastic graphics on everyday objects and products; people's happy outlook and strength of character" -- Hassan Hajjaj 

Gretchen (2012)

Installation view 

Installation view of "Legs Series" with models in custom clothing and styling by Hassan Hajjaj

Installation view of "Legs Series"

A pairing of Cocoa Cola + LV, much like the seating in the installation

Bold prints accentuating the big personalities of everyday people

Installation view of women wearing face coverings (pre COVID!)

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Intro wall

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