Wednesday, February 6, 2019


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RODARTE on view at the National Museum of Women in the Arts (DC) // White Swan costume (2010), worn in the movie Black Swan

Elements of intimacy exude, both in the vision and execution of Kate and Laura Mulleavy's pieces for Rodarte. In a simply titled survey of styles from a singular brand, "Rodarte" allows access to the inspiration behind 13 years of collection churn. Childhood horror movies, the California landscape, gardens--the premise of which are deeply personal to the designers--aptly capture emotion with dialed down commercialism and dialed up details. Keep reading for a closer look...

Early Innovations by sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte

As the first fashion exhibit presented by the National Museum of Women in the Arts, "Rodarte" celebrates two female designers, in a woman-slanted industry that is ironically dominated by men. Eight themes, each with a tightly edited selection, fills each gallery with unique splendor. Worth noting is the mix of mannequin usage--which nicely complements the ensembles. As the clusters differ in complexity, common elements of sheerness, yarn, floral and deconstruction are layered throughout. Of note are the costumes designed for Black Swan and Woodshock (which happens to be written and directed by the sisters). "Rodarte" is on view until February 10th in Washington, DC.

Spring / Summer 2009 dress

Use of unconventional materials and methods 

Magical Beautiful Horror installation view

One of my favorite pieces in this collection

Heavy use of gauze and yarn

Woven leather straps

Spring / Summer 2017 Collection

Installation view of Texture

Ballet costumes created for the Academy Award winning film Black Swan

The Mermaid collection installation view

California / Hollywood influence; Star Wars inspired Fall / Winter 2014 collection

Fall / Winter 2011 Collection

Close up of accessory paired with Spring / Summer 2018

The Garden installation view

Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

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