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Cinderella's glass slipper #FairyTaleFashion @FITMuseum

Conceptualized clothing, culled from the pages of fifteen fairytales, prove that crystal chausseurs cannot be confined to the pages of Charles Perrault's Cinderella. In a groundbreaking exhibition that draws parallels between fairytales and high fashion, The Museum at FIT presents red hoods, ballgowns, ruby slippers and other fashion finds buried in tall tales written by the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and others. Summarized by the Museum's press release, "it is evident that dress is often used to symbolize a character's transformation, vanity, power or privilege [source]. Keep reading for a look into the exhibit...

Corridor leading up into the exhibit

From trees to seas, 4 sections showcase significant sets of story time style. Over 80 objects--spanning the 18th century to the present--set the scene for princesses and peasants in fantasy's most terrific tales. Organized by Associate Curator Collen Hill, inspired fashion from familiar 21st century designers (the likes of Thom Brown, Alexander McQueen, Prada, Rodarte and others) personify imaginary concepts and characters. Hoods and ethereal ensembles receive special commendation; a supersized vinyl quilted hood by Commes des Garçons and ghostly Marchesa gown (c. 2012) are standouts. 

Heart, inspired by The Queen of Hearts, by Hideki Seo (2014)

Set design by architect Kim Ackert completes the ambience. In 'Forest,' a Rapunzel themed green velvet Alexander McQueen dress (2007) with wispy gold thread stands adjacent frocks inspired by The Fairies. A jointed Thierry Mugler dress (1987) embodies a mermaid in 'Sea' and a head to toe white fur J. Mendel ensemble represents The Snow Queen in 'Castle.' 

Rapunzel (based on the tale by the Brothers Grimm) and The Fairies (based on the tale by Charles Perrault)

Award winning photography by Kristy Mitchell and illustrations by Edmund Dulac, A.H. Watson, Arthur Packham are displayed alongside clothing and accessories in the introductory hallway. Overall, the exhibit offers an unprecedented take on fashion and fairytales, and is worth visiting before April 16th.  

The Little Mermaid (based on the tale by Hans Christian Andersen)

The Swan Maidens (based on the tale by Joseph Jacobs)

Sleeping Beauty (based on the tale by Charles Perrault)

[L] Alice in Wonderland inspired dress, [C] Hat made from shoes, [R] Snow White inspired outfit 

 Once Upon a Time (2009) by Kirsty Mitchell

Red... Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Rose Red, Ruby Red....

Thom Browne ensemble

Snow White (based on a tale by the Brothers Grimm)

Cinderella: A Fashionable Tale (2013), written and illustrated by Steven Guarnaccia

Furrypelts (based on a tale by the Brothers Grimm)

The Wizard of Oz

Little Red Ridinghood inspired garb

Beauty and The Beast (based on the tale by Madame de Villeneuve)

Alice in Wonderland 

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