Tuesday, March 10, 2015


 Designer Drugs Series (Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent) by Desire Obtain Cherish; UV cast in resin [photo source]

It's remarkable how an arrangement of letters can inspire a cult following among clothing connoisseurs. Interlocking C's, G's and LV's (among others) have achieved typographic supremacy--instantly recognizable and gallantly projecting exclusivity, luxury and quality. Whether or not to succumb to brand loyalty rests in one's subjective appreciation of its product in light of competitors, culture and conversation. In a local exhibition entitled Brand Loyalty, i'm loving it, gallery nine5 presents "the pervasive nature of logos and brands as they appear literally, humourously and somberly in everything from sculpture to canvas" [source: gallery press kit].  Keep reading to see select works... 

Untitled by Zach Schrey

The sudden bout of Spring encourages my emergence from hibernation. I happen on the exhibit walking back from work and chuckle at the coincidence between the imagery on display and the ongoing Paris Fashion Week. If you're in the neighborhood, the exhibit will run until April 19 and a full catalog is online here.
Achilles Notch Series by Chad Gordon [photo source]

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