Sunday, November 2, 2014


Remarkable Contermporary Jewellery at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

As a visitor, one of the best ways to acquaint myself with a city's history--other than its restaurants--is through its museums. Truth be told, most history isn't supremely appealing and art is only subjectively inviting. Where possible, fashion-related exhibits become a browse-worthy break between coffee stops and outdoor adventures. On a recent weekend day-cation in Montreal, my honey and I stop at the Museum of Fine Arts--partly because of the downpour and partly because we had time to pass before dinner at Joe Beef. Initially interested in the Fabergé exhibit, the experience quickly expands to include Remarkable Contemporary Jewellery. Keep reading for a peek inside… 

Lynn Légaré Le fou du roi necklace (2012) [photo from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts]

Creative communication at its finest, jewelry speaks volumes of both creator and wearer. Within the MMFA Design Lab, Remarkable Contemporary Jewellery comprises a closely curated selection of 30 Quebec and international artists. While materials and process have evolved; "some of the artists use traditional materials like gold, silver and precious stones and explore age-old surface treatment, forming and stamping techniques, their artistry remains an act of invention, the expression of a constantly evolving tradition" [source]. With multiple jewelry exhibits ongoing, Remarkable Contemporary Jewellery is set in a cozy space where one can truly appreciate the creativity of multiple artists. If you happen to be in Montreal, the exhibit will be on view until November 30th. Read more about the exhibit here.

Wall of statement pieces
Virginia Belda A por el toro bracelet (1988) [photo from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts]

Christine Larochelle, Majesté necklace [photo from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts]

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