Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Banana Republic Rockefeller Center… Sometimes, it's nice to have some "alone time"

Treking through the sands of time, survival puts a practical spin on far-fetched dreams and desires. "Today" begins with routines, schedules and obligations. "Tomorrow" becomes a depot of deferred doings. Though time stands still some days... weeks, months and years move forward with relentless vigor. Stop and stare at the scenery. Smile silently at strangers. Step back to see the big picture. Time spent alone, with friends or with someone special becomes all the more meaningful, in hindsight. Memories cannot be rewound or repeated; Cherish every moment...

 White pants are back! … Spend some QT with a cutie!

This week's windows at Banana Republic, Rockefeller Center remind me of the multifaceted lifestyle this day and age demands--spending time single, picking up a partner, sharing sips with sidekicks and fussing with family. Sunlit smiles and soft skin reminds us that sometimes, life doesn't need to be perfect to be enjoyable!

 Keep it short!… Get with a group!

Clean cut lines

Stripes and solids

Girl Time!

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