Monday, May 20, 2013


4 Post Bed with cushions and covering by Paola Navone at Anthropologie, Soho

Pink, polka dots and prints exude energy at the hands of Paola Navone this Spring. Forging a flavorful union inspired by the beauty of India, the Italian architect and designer translates the finest aspects of the Far East into an ecclectic home collection. Celebrating Sunday evening with the opening of an installation at Anthropologie in Soho, Navone showcases her Out of India collection, featuring plenty of pieces to spice up stagnant space!

Printed material on the artist and the products

A self-proclaimed 'citizen of the world,' Paola Navone is known for her extensive travels and impressive resume. In marrying bits of North African and Asian handicraft with modern philosophy and structure, Paola creates an intoxicating aesthetic that is pleasing for all ages. Popular since the 80s, Navone is respected by her peers, even as the European design scene remains male-dominated. Past work includes projects with Alessi, Lando, Casa Armani, Natuzzi--just to name a few--and an Artistic Director position both at Abet Laminati and Gervasoni

Vibrant living space styled with pieces from the Out of India collection

Move over boring blackbold blues and hot pink hues take on space as their canvas!  Standing in the 'dream bedroom' at Anthropologie, I can't help but enjoy a sense of  euphoria. Maybe it's the clean lines and crisp colors or the combination of stripes, spots and texture, but making your living space something special seems to carry through to positively affect other parts of life as well. Thanks to the focus on furniture over the last week, I'm inspired to maximize color and minimize clutter this Spring--I'll start with my closet! If you're interested in seeing the styled rooms or picking up a few pieces from the Out of India collection, the installation will be on display at Anthropologie (375 West Broadway) Soho until August 1, 2013.

Super comfy, low-to-the ground chairs--my favorite of the collection!


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