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Style savvy fashionistas in New York know that sample sales are the secret to staying stylish, while saving on designer duds. With so much going on, the latest and greatest intel dishing which sales to speed to--and which to skip--is imperative to getting the best buys and bargains. Who to turn to for the best insider scoop?

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Local staples of style and shopping, The Stylish City, Sample Sally and Mizhattan are my three trusted go-to's to get the DL on the NYC style + sale + shopping scene. For the quick and dirty, The Stylish City gives the rundown on sales happening today and this week. Sample Sally maintains a rolling list of sample sales and brings us the gritty details straight from previews or sale day 1 (more here). Mizhattan reviews select sales and includes a variety of style bytes including "Style Crush," "Mizzy's Monthly Moodboard" and "Sunday Window Shopping," among others. Before the end of 2012, I had a chance to catch up with Mizhattan--here's the scoop....

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What's the inspiration behind the blog? Tell us a little of how Mizhattan came to be!
The sample sale part of Mizhattan grew out from one reason alone. When the economy was at an all time high before the 2008 recession, people would shop at boutiques & department stores at full price or at first markdowns. Once the recession hit, these same fashion-conscious shoppers were looking to save money without sacrificing style. Since I worked in the fashion publication industry, I was invited to tons of sample sales. Many of my friends were asking to be my +1 at these events and soon I found out that invite-only sales weren't really "invite-only". Therefore, I felt I should share my knowledge with those who shared my passion for fashion and shopping. If the roles were reversed, I would be very much indebted and grateful to the person who shared all the info/scoops with me. As for the other parts of Mizhattan (MMW,F&G, SWS), they were created as an outlet for my creativity when I left fashion publication.

What are your thoughts on the recent high-low collaborations? Do you think there is a breach of exclusivity for a luxury brand when their namesake items are associated with a "lower end" retailer, mass produced and more readily available to the general public?
I love it to an extent. If I'm correct, it all started with Karl Lagerfeld and H&M. This was genesis and the perfect starting point. Lagerfeld is brilliant and doesn't care what others think about brand image. Mix that with H&M manufacturing connections and you have instant success. I also liked Lanvin x H&M and +J for Uniqlo. What I don't like (and starting to see a lot of) is collaboration for collaboration-sake. I'm definitely disappointed with the new Neiman Marcus + Target collection. I feel the quality well below acceptable and designers are tarnishing their name and brand. As for exclusivity, I don't think collabs create brand dilution. Rather, I believe they promote the fashion houses. It gives consumers who wouldn't be able to purchase in the first place a taste. And this taste can do wonders down the road.

What was the most intense sample sale you covered in 2012 (and why)?
For 2012, it would have to be the YSL sample sale (both times). When I broke the news for their spring and fall sample sales, I wasn't expecting such huge turnouts. I was told that the queue at the YSL fall sale was the longest in Soiffer Haskins history.

What's your personal style like?
I don't like trends. I believe in investing in classics. If I had the choice between a Chanel 2.55 or a Louis Vuitton Kusama bag, I would stick to Chanel as it would retain its value well down the future. Never trendy, always classy is what I would say is my personal style. Also, adding a singular pop of color to your look goes a long way--whether it be a pair of brightly colored pumps or an eye-catching bag.

If you were locked in a store overnight, which would it be? 
Bergdorf Goodman.

Update: I have a chance to catch up with Sample Sally here

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  1. Congrats on the LALM selection! I've never been to a sample sale (and am a little doubtful, since I'm not a sample size by any means) - but it's always fun to live vicariously :)



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