Monday, August 3, 2015


Poseidon by Billy Dang, Hillary Sampliner and Andrea van Hintum at the Making Patterns exhibit presented by Eyebeam

Swapping fast food for forward fashion and culturally creative environments, the South Street Seaport--Post-Sandy--has acquired an affinity for art. The newly named Seaport Culture District plays host to a highly regarded lineup of innovators including the AIA (American Institute of Architecture), AIGA/NY (American Institute for Graphic Arts), the Guggenheim Museum, WWD's Seaport Studios, Eyebeam, Art Start and others. This past week, Eyebeam, in partnership with Shapeways, opens its doors to the public with Making Patterns, a technofashion showcase. Keep reading for a glimpse inside...

 Gesture of Sadness by Bo Kyung Byun and Cici Wu

As the world becomes more saturated with technology, innovators are re-defining 'wearable electronics.' Limitless creativity and recent innovations such as 3D printing, soft circuitry, bio-sensors, etc. surface in a vast range of technologically infused fashion. Making Patterns showcases the work of Eyebeam artists-in-residence and master classes, highlighting the result of merging new technology and traditional textile techniques through 'computational fashion.' 

Gesture of Sadness, up close

Awkward, is the word in mind when walking into the gallery space (formerly a Wendy's a partially a residential structure). The exhibit begins around the bend, beyond a cavernous stretch of empty space where Bo Kyung Byun and Cici Wu's Gesture of Sadness looms behind the gallerist on duty. Arranged in a semi-circle, 7 pieces (total) project the  multidisciplinary experiment of externalizing internal feelings. While Poseidon and Tutu demonstrate strength, flexibility and poise through digitally reproduced pieces, Lightning Bug Game invites the wearer into a physically immersive gaming experience.The Social Body Lab's triumvirate of technofashion includes Cardinal, Nautilus and Monarch, each with unique moveable and changeable components. Read more about each pieces by clicking the links.

 Cardinal by members of the Social Body Lab

Eyebeam will remain at the Seaport until December 31st, with a rolling calendar of public workshops, speaker series and demos. Making Patterns will be on display until September 17th.  Have a look at the calendar of upcoming events at the seaport here.

(L) Monarch by members of the Social Body Lab

 Nautilus by members of the Social Body Lab

 Tutu by Danielle Martin, May-Li Khoe and Benjamin Cramer

Tutu, side view

Lightning Bug Game by Kaho Abe

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